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Wanted: Parents Who ROCK Their Own Lives!

Dear Mom & Dad…

I don’t want to be your Everything.

That’s not why I’m here.

Love me, yes!

Do love me madly,


 I don’t want to be your Only Sunshine.

I want to see the vista of You

stretching far beyond the circle 

of you and me.

 I want to feel your attention spanning the horizon.

You ascending, striving, & ever-growing…

You rocking your own life.

I want to see you creating new things 

and keeping your dreams.

I want to see 

how you get back up when you fall — 

just like me.

Itty bitty though I am, I am a whole person.

And I am resting in a very BIG LOVE 

(even bigger than yours)

 I am a whole person

and so are you

(even though you’re big!)

So BE big!  Fascinate me!

Show me your glory!

Every day you are telling me a story…

The story of “What Adults Are.”

 Please don’t make it boring.

My secret hope 

is that growing up

will be an outrageous adventure!

Is it true?


I am following your gaze.

And here’s the rub ~


think too much 

about me

then I might 

think too much

about me…

& something tells me 

that’s not why I’m here.


 What if instead

I get to watch you dive deep into others,

loving friends and strangers…

so I know how 

to be a good friend too?

What if I get to watch you 

serve a cause with all your heart…

so I learn

how to carry Big Love like you?


My Parents,

If I’m blessed enough to have two of you,

there’s something else you should know.

Your love for each other

is a thousand times more nourishing

than a steady diet

of affection

for just me, me, me

(even though that’s pretty great too!)

What I really want to see is

just how BIG

 a heart can be…

You teach me the best love

when you lift off and LIVE with wild abandon…

When you be what YOU came here to be.

And that ultimate gift

you really, really want for me?

(i.e. to be happy)…

You plant those seeds 

when you show me what true happiness looks like 

for you.

Ahhh, now that’s a good story 🙂


So thank you Mom,

thank you Dad, 

for being so fully,

so beautifully


 The real you (still rocking your own life!)

& loving the real me.

 That’s what I always wanted

when I picked the Wonderful You

 to be forever mine.




  • Madame

    I love how you inspire me to live life to its fullest!! Your children are so blessed by you and you by them!!!

  • Tatiana Peet

    Beautiful, Gigi, you word wizard!

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