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I believe the best enrichment is that old-time occupation — Free Play. So that’s pretty much all we do. I’ve stubbornly raised my 4 kids in a slow-simmering sauce of homegrown, imagination-rich broth, seasoned with rare, unique and soulful loose parts, lots of sunlight, and most importantly — the wide open, unstructured, unadulterated free time and space to simply be.
High calibre, soul-satisfying, abandoned and absorbed — Deep Imaginative Play is basically the holy grail. I am technology-adverse for early childhood. Waldorf inspired and trained.
I homeschool, unschool, and run a Kinderforest. I have this home-spun, ramshackle, thrift store treasure-hunter aesthetic that permeates our playworld. I think all our rag-tag stuff adds grit and novelty to their Play; there’s a presence of history, use, value, and reverence in a well-used/loved object. Comes with no instructions or batteries, requires more of the imagination, and it definitely buffers out the over-plasticized consumer thrust of modern childhood.
Besides that, I believe in parenting by experiment, with a light heart and a rather musical tone. I make it up as I go, I laugh a lot, I don’t take myself too seriously, and I’ve never “counted to 3” or spanked a bum.
So Parent by Magic is a collection of potions that have worked for us…..I hope they bring delight and deliciousness to your parenting life too!