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Toad Spool Press for the Holidays

It has been an insanely busy time at the Press!

So busy that I’ve hired an incredible team of professional clowns, actors, directors, musicians, and creatives to help me bring Parent by Magic, Ramshackle Play, and Toad Spool Press to the big wide world.

I can’t wait to introduce you to my publicist Julie (a.k.a. keeper of the universe, a.k.a. Gigi’s left brain, a.k.a. “so I made a little flow chart for that”) and my web designer Paige, the artisan who is recreating my digital world.

Get ready for a whole new website in the new year!

Also coming soon, Miss Gigi on TV! Featuring puppets, storytelling, ramshackle crafts, and other spontaneous adventures. A hub of delight that will strive to foster meaningful connection with kids, Mr. Rogers/Dressup style.

I was blessed to be able to give away dozens of copies of A Whole Other Magic to seniors and total strangers as surprise gifts for Christmas. It made me appreciate just how unique this book is!

How many children’s books garner such a genuinely broad appeal?

The nostalgia of its old-fashioned play themes resonate with the older generation, while young ones are captivated by the colourful, detailed scenes of magical play.

It’s a book I feel so proud to share, and I’m looking forward to sharing the stories of those encounters with you in next month’s newsletter. There have been some crazy serendipities!

My new book, Being With Wonder, has enjoyed a soft and gentle launch in the midst of covid restraints. The official book debut will be a magnificent event, so watch for that in the new year!

I am so eager to see this snuggle-up book of imagination and solitary play find its way into the laps of families, especially as we are all bound to our homes and kids are isolated from playmates.

It could not be a more perfect book for this time.

Thanks for being a part of my ramshackle world, sharing in the joy of magical play, open-ended parenting, and literature that nourishes at every age.

See you in 2021!



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