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Our Family “Curriculum Vitae”

We are in transition! Boldly making the move from Edmonton to Salt Spring Island. So it feels like a good time to introduce the whole lot of us with one big fat, warm and fuzzy family-size resume…

WWOOFERS with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

This past summer we worked and lived on a bunch of different farms, sweating it out for food and board. We became honorary farm hands — planting, weeding, harvesting, processing, doing farm animal care, housekeeping, firewood, odd jobs….all with 5 big stars for wholeheartedness!

farm kids

Here’s a little video that has become our virtual calling card.

It conveys a lot about who we are! Helpful, ambitious, solution-driven, earthy, easy going, outrageously optimistic….

We city-bumpkins have never really belonged in the big city!


Qualified Housesitters…

Two years ago the whole Jobb gang was entrusted (by total strangers!) to tend their brand new oceanfront home. We housesat for two months on Protection Island while this couple travelled internationally.

Not only did we (yes, a family of 6!) borrow their stunning new home, but also their vehicles, their friends, and their life! Here is a wee reference from them:

Who we are…

Thomas found his young leading lady 17 years ago and they’ve been living a simple life on the edge of the river valley, raising their little brood of four kids with magical, intuitive, Waldorf ways, just dreaming of the day when BC would become home…

Tom has been a professional in the design and build industry for over forty years. He is the president of Mansion Builders Inc. and an award-winning architect at provincial and national levels for his design of Paradise Estates in Kelowna.

More of an artist/sculptor of space and lifestyle, Thomas understands the daily interplay of design and sociology, finds straight lines boring, and the laws of physics fun to bend.

Sophisticated, monastic, charming; this gem of a guy became a dad at the age of 50 and is looking forward to island-style fatherhood, whatever that holds!

Interested in working with Thomas? Need an intuitive, gifted architect to bring your vision into reality? Thomas is still servicing clients in Edmonton and Kelowna but will be available for new opportunities in the coming months. Contact him at

And the woman by his side…

Gigi is maverick mama, playworker, writer, publisher, teacher, and community organizer.

With joyful charisma and child-like exuberance, Gigi spends her best days flowing among kids, play-weaving and following the Magic. She loves exploring the mysteries of parenthood and alternative models of education.


  • Waldorf-inspired Wonderforest playgroups
  • Freelance Ramshackle Playworker/Consultant
  • Adventure Playground initiatives and fundraising
  • Mary Poppins style nanny or dayhome
  • Project-based homeschool enrichment for all ages
  • Author readings and signings
  • Writer in Residence
  • And so much more!

Testimonies from Gigi’s Tenderheart Wonderforest:

“I got to know the Jobb family about three years ago, as my daughter joined the KinderForest group that Ginette kindly offered, and I gradually became the assistant. 

I’m failing to find words to describe the experience… I’ve never met anyone so fullheartedly loving, lightful, warm to children! From the moment we entered the steps of their home it was as if we were entering a different magical world, of being fully present, engaged, valued and rejoiced with. Ginette and Maddy have ways of using available items to transform their house and surroundings into a wonderland. If there were any issues, Ginette solved them in such a way that anyone involved was feeling so appreciated and respected the issue itself would turn into an opportunity. Even in her busiest days of publishing a book and sleepless nights with baby Nolan,  Ginette would blow my mind by radiating her gentle love and smile, and practical steps of care to everyone around, including her own family. 

Two years after, when I needed to leave my daughter with someone overnight for a good while, I was completely in peace dropping her off at the gentle and generous Jobb Family. So many great memories she would share with me! Drawing maps and jumping over “lava” with Davis, breakfast conversations with Tom, crafting with Maddy, taking care of Nolan and playing with him, nighttime stories by Ginette… We still have a lot of beautiful keepsakes from those times.

I think, for a farm, this family is the best deal: they love the Earth and care for it in and out of their home in practical ways, they are hardworking, fun, they are creative beyond limits, easygoing, warm and loving to people. They live the love without preaching it. They are curious and don’t stop to learn.  They seem to always be ready to go extra mile for those they are dedicated to. 

I’m happy to share more about our experience with the Jobb Family, either in writing or in words – so much to say, please feel free to ask!”

-Olha Sakuma, 587-832-6542

“Ginette is an absolutely wonderful lady we are so lucky to have met her family. They are all very kind, creative and down to earth people. The time we have known them I really have nothing negative to say at all, my daughter blossomed in her care and really opened up in ways she found hard to before. There are times you meet people and you know they are good people this family is definitely one of those families”

-Sarah Neveu

“Ginette Jobb is a woman who lives each day with passion. She is filled with boundless energy. She has a reverence for the wilds of nature; they inspire her and she in turn inspires those around her. She is a kind, compassionate, intelligent, active, hard working mother and teacher. She is a good friend and an asset to all who know her.”

-Dara Wickstrom

You can also find Gigi’s beautiful hardcover children’s books at Black Sheep Books downtown Ganges, or online at Toad Spool Press.

And then there are the children….


At 14 years old, Madelyn is a classy young down-to-earth gal who loves reading, nature, animals, sketching, interior design, and the beautification of all things. She is a full scale resource in her own right! The official neighbourhood cat-sitter, babysitter (freshly accredited in March) and borderline OCD housekeeper, she has been cleaning since she could walk. Basically, she is the domestic goddess that her mother only wishes to be 🙂 And she’s for hire!


If “chill” and “easy going” has a poster boy, this 13 year old is it. Not easily phased, Brayden is friendly, warm, quick-witted, fun to be around, and has been hailed by the girls as “gem of the class.” He will be terribly missed back in Edmonton. This kid is the first responder whenever I put out a chore request. He’s his younger brother’s best friend, a true lego master, maybe the least shy of the bunch, always open to new challenges. Can’t wait to see who he becomes as a west coast kid!


The tenderhearted middle child. Gentle, hilarious, homebody. This guy so desperately didn’t want to go to kindergarden that he asked me “why can’t we just start our own school?”….so we did! We call him Old Man Davis because he doesn’t like change, but Dave is deeply thoughtful, observant, conscientious and caring, and lights up a room with his glowing smile. What can I say? He’s a 9 year old sweetheart.


Because every family has one…!

A fully alive and ‘spirited’ child, CEO of daily operations, and as ramshackle as they get…..Nolie (age 4.5) is the inspirational lead character and soul of Playing the Ramshackle Way. This kid’s got grit, attention span, imagination, and incredibly strong preferences! A full on Dr. Seuss addict (every book over and over!), fully absorbed in the moment and captivated by deep play, this little man makes “screen-free” look good!

And that’s the batch of us…

So here we are, fresh off the boat and ready to serve. As you can tell, we’ve got deep, deep roots to put down.

We look forward to crossing paths with you!

Get in touch with us at



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