magic tree art party

It was an enchanting dream of a birthday party

and probably my simplest ever!


Such a QUIET party!

Just the singing of birds and gentle sighs of satisfaction coming from every corner…

We checked out all the options for Art Parties (and were willing to pay the big bucks to have a studio host it) but in the end we knew our home-made, home-grown version would rock the socks off any 4 Cats.


So, here’s all we did:

~ Our artist friend Sharon Jong lent us the inspiration and her suitcase ‘o’ paint for the day.  (Never hesitate to lean on friends for help, inspiration, or supplies!  What a breeze!)



~I picked up 1/2 price canvases from Michaels & Elmer’s swirl glam glitter glue

(easy to apply, not too thick or gunky)

~ I bent my own rules and paid a trip to the dollar store for extra buttons and embellishments

~ We skipped the extra fuss of having any thematic food, activities, or decor for a change.  It was all about the Art!

~ We kept the invite list incredibly small ~ just 2 special guests, Maddy’s oldest friends.

(Madelyn learned from last year’s beach party that if you want to feel like the centre of attention, don’t invite your whole class to the beach!  Everyone goes off on their own adventure!)

And then we simply settled in to paint…





What delight and enjoyment for me!  I actually got to produce a piece myself!



Davis was as focused and totally absorbed as the others.

I love his work!!



(Note the very deliberate layer of snow at the bottom ~ that was his vision!)

Between applying layers of paint the kids ran down and up the forest hills.

And in between ‘painting trees’ we experimented with ‘painting trees.’


And don’t let me forget to mention the Papa Cake of the day ~

A delicious, lemon-filled masterpiece!


We could have gone over the top with ‘artist themed’ decor, food, and goody bags (which I love to do!), but it was really the sweetest, easiest party ever.

No extra mess, fuss, or useless party favours — just beautiful art to hang on our walls!


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It was magical indeed. Maddy’s guests had a delightful time❤️

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