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Becoming Babushka

How to Make A Weeping Egg



I love eggs.


I use them often.

As hand-held emoticons of the soul.

Potent vessels of feeling, healing, and revealing.

And as life markers —

— important time capsules of my heart’s big events.

DSC_0231 (5)
They are particularly well shaped for holding grief and/or hope.

This year has been a ‘weeping egg’ season for me.

During its fiercest stage — when tears poured daily like oozing lava —

I spent one whole sad and sacred afternoon pouring my heart into an egg.

The egg still sits in a special place of care —

in a pink wool nest on a little wooden shelf.

It hasn’t hatched into pure happiness yet,

but it is a placeholder

for feelings




crush me.

Maybe you need an outlet for some of your sorrows,

and so I thought I would share this activity you can do too….

Here’s how you can layer/lay

your own egg

 of art/transfiguration.

“If my whole heart could be reduced down

to a piece of paper

the size

and shape

of a name tag 

and then crumpled up, 

moistened with armageddon tears, 

and sealed in an eggshell,

this is what it would look like…”

How to Make a Weeping Egg


(Note: For best results, weep and sob freely throughout the activity)

1.  Take an egg.

2.  Crack it in half.

3.  Remove the yolk & white.

(You can eat it if you want, or if you’re feeling ceremonious dig a hole and bury it)

4.  Carefully wash and dry the inside of the egg.

5.  If you wish, you can place something inside to symbolize what is hurting.

6.  Fit the egg back together and seal with a layer of white glue, modge podge, or paper mache

7.  Shred lightweight paper into tiny pieces and write your feelings on the scraps


8.  Use the modge podge, white glue, or paper mache to paste your words around it

(like you would cover a pinata)

That is it.  You have made a Weeping Egg.

Such art may not heal you entirely but


it is a ritualistic kindness —

a way to spread mother bird wings over your own fragile pieces.

It may be an intimate, meaningful way to enter into Easter,

or mark transition or loss.

DSC_0277 (4)

For me, this egg holds an extended grief that hurts as much as ever.

It represents the letting go of something I love, love, loved with all my heart.

I look reasonably happy these days and I mostly am.

But part of me still lies buried in this shell.

A name tag, an identity, a passion, a whole life

all sealed up.

I have discovered that some losses are in fact irreplaceable.

But somehow…
nursing the feelings into words
and urging the words onto paper
and smoothing the paper onto an egg
is soothing
to the broken edges.



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