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My idea of crafty is all about simple these days.  I’m also big on cheap and non-pre-fab.

I believe in standard raw materials.

You’ll find the occasional bigger project here, but I’m all about the self-sufficient, open-ended DIY stuff that kids can handle on their own.  Enjoy!

Make a Rock Poetry Kit

I got playing with this over the weekend! I’d forgot how utterly addictive ROCK POETRY is! This homemade kit from my highschool days will be one of the last possessions to be pried from my dying hands! Want to make one with your kids?

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Making Paper

Talk about spontaneous.  We were just sharpening pencil crayons when I thought, hey!  These would look awesome as flecks in homemade paper…

So I pulled the spare blender and screens out of the basement (I’ve literally been hanging onto them for 12 years hoping that someday we would make paper!)

Popsicle Stick Creations

Popsicle sticks and a glue gun are the new Lego around here.  We found a shoebox full of popsicle sticks at the Re-Use Centre and the kids have been building like crazy.

Spring run-off also means lots of popsicle stick boats!  A single stick is all you need really.  Find a steep hill with awesome melting action and you’re set for hours of fun.


Make a Kefir Boat by slicing a Kefir jug down the middle with an exacto knife.  Accessorize with a wine cork motor, or whatever suits your fancy.

Hang onto cool pieces of styrofoam when they come along for ultimate floatation.

I have a drawerful of reject jewellery that comes in handy at times like this — notice the ‘sailor theme’ anklet chain that became our anchor!

We have spent multiple days at different streams testing our boats, and there is nothing better!

Raiding the Recyclables

The best  independent crafting I ever saw was a neighbor of mine who just turned her kids loose in the sunroom with the blue box recyclables with an industrial glue gun.

Kinetic Sand Play

We pull out our small tupperware of kinetic sand once a month or so.  The tools and trinkets you can add in are endless.  Bottle caps, popsicle sticks, lite brite nibs, sea shells, toothpicks, and basically every and any kitchen utensil.  I always make a point of sweeping the floor first so that I can reclaim the sand that spills over the table edge.  We’ve lost very little sand over the years that way 🙂

Happy Making!