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 Here are a few of our past parties!

Browse these enchanting little vignettes for ideas or generate your own!

Terrarium Building Party

Each child gets to make their own encapsulated landscape in a Terrarium Party!

Magic Tree Art Party

Inspired by our friend, the artist Sharon Jong, we held an art party in our backyard for my daughter’s 10th.  It was divine!  We painted magical fairy trees and embellished them with buttons, beads, resin fairies, butterflies and glitter glue.

Little House on the Prairie Party

Who wouldn’t want to turn their house into a Laura Ingalls world?  Best party ever.  Not only did the kids play with the chuckwagon set up for weeks, but we ran the party twice it was so much fun.  We created an old fashioned general store where the kids could play shop, we made real hand-churned vanilla ice cream for a treat, and the kids constructed their own little log homes out of sticks from the woods.

Cops and Robbers Party

Small, simple, family style with dress up and lots of play acting, this party was a hoot.  Grab bags full of marbles became the loot and a little cubby closet made a great jail.

Explorer Party

Grandfather taught the boys how to tie special knots with rope, then lots of tumbling and climbing on the snowy hill outside kept the boys busy the rest of the day. Maps and backpacks for props, and a length of ‘mountain climbing rope’ from our local wall climbing gym was the take-home gift.

Princess Party

We made princess crowns with felt, jewels, and elastic headbands.  I enacted the Thumbelina fairy tale with puppets.  Each girl made their own take-home ivy planter with a magical little world of clay mushrooms, silk flowers, seashells, and teensy ‘worry dolls’ as inhabitants.  5 years later Maddy’s ivy is 7 feet long and still a cherished part of our home.  Of course Papa brought a famous cake and put on a wizardly magic show.

I have actually simmered down and simplified my birthday party mania in recent years!!

But I love the process.

The brainstorming, the hunt, the manifestation….

As a rule, I don’t do much pinterest or googling for party ideas —

I want to receive truly original thoughts

because they carry a certain substance and homegrown flavour.

There are three phases/parts to most of my party thoughts…

First is the core vision — the theme that I hold in the back of my mind for weeks.

Second are the assortment of activities, crafts, games or goodies that start to percolate around the theme.

Third is the last minute explosion of ideas that strike the day before (or the day of) the party —

which feel MOST delicious when I’m actually able to pull them off!

Open yourself to divine inspiration and see what out-of-the box parties come to you!!