A Picnic blanket is…
Do your kids ever go into Paradise Paralysis? Like mine this morning! It’s a perfect summer day with dozens of options all around. Yet some inexplicable malaise of grumpy-bumpy inertia takes hold right at breakfast time.
Gigi’s Fun Reward Chart Boardgame!!
I love the way this communal game models teamwork, adaptability and problem solving. We modified our game as we went, really making it our own through trial, error, and consensus. Not only was it wildly successful in guiding their behaviour, but what a valuable experience in group project development!

Blogs from the vaults I thought you might enjoy.

A series of blogs over the course of last year, losing and gaining babies.  

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My epic airplane trilogy, where I unpack our family’s near-fatal engine failure….and the profound gift of fearlessness that came out of it.

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