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The roots of my childhood were deep in the Magic.

I grew up with this happy little name, Gigi!

On our family acreage in Alberta the canopy of free play was absolute.  Like a sovereign right and responsibility.

I just knew my place in the world was this: full immersion imaginative play.

Under the rough branches of the tallest spruce I made my home.  At the end of our driveway in the tall prairie grass I made a nest for my baby eagles and fed them each day.  In Spring when the old brown grass was finally visible — a soggy, limp, ice cold soup — my rubber boots couldn’t get enough!

Because I know this place of Wonder so intimately — it’s all I’ve ever wanted for my children. Not just because it was fun, but because I now see its spiritual ramifications — it was the essence of freedom and the habitat of the true self.

Creative expression, imaginative play, and pursuit of truth have continued to drive my adult years.

I feel like a Christopher Robin who never really left his hundred acres; a renegade Peter Pan, sort of doing the ‘real world’ but with a secret Neverland tucked inside.

Gigi on Raft

It’s no wonder that I fell in love with Waldorf education for how it honours the true spirit of childhood.  I planted my kids there for four glorious years, undertook teacher training for myself, headed the school growth committee, started a welcome and gratitude committee, and ended up teaching the Parent-Tot program there for a while.  Such a beautiful season.

We now ‘unschool’ and find our way as a clan, experimentally; around here no two days are the same.  I love being a one room schoolhouse, so I created a wondrous little Kinderforest program in my home where I get to love on half a dozen special youngsters and get them out in the forest for great explores.

As a mother of four kids (age 2 to 12) I have felt like a Mary Poppins –– effervescent in tone, prim with high expectations, and innovate/alternative in my methodology.

For discipline I serve magic spoonfuls (thank you spirit-flash of inspiration!) that manage to go down sweet; concocted in the moment.

It’s a warm, attachment, positive, natural, simplicity parenting approach and I love to share it because….it works!!

Early passion for words

Always an author, now self-published through Toad Spool Press, I am bringing a book to the world that I could not be more proud of.

Every step of the indie-publishing journey has felt like I’m standing at the high point of my life’s purpose — A Whole New Magic is my wholehearted invitation to ‘come play with me.’