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Christmas Loose Parts Make

Geek Out with Mag-bot Kits!

Homemade DIY robot creations have been going strong for 5 years around here and of course Santa will be adding to the metal loose part stash!

Check this lovely work station the kids will be getting! The solid metal candelabra is ready to go, full of magnetic bits from the secondhand hardware store.

It was sincerely a blast shopping for parts! I visited both Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations with my handy-dandy magnet and went bin to bin grabbing 10 and 25 cent items.

At both stores the young men at the checkout counters totally lost their minds over this cool idea!

My inner nerd is freaking out right now!

– the cashier

Because we have so many great parts on hand I can throw together a kit as a gift in a heartbeat. I thought this would delight my neighbour’s kids so I put spare parts in a magnetic spice tin.

I like to glue gun some googly eyes onto bolts and screws as part of the kit too.

All you need to make this nifty gift happen is a handful of circle magnets, which you can pick up easily (twice as expensive at Michaels as they are at Walmart, but Amazon probably has the lowest price).

If you have any more magnetic inspirations for me I’d love to hear them!

We are hardcore metalheads!



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