Make a Rock Poetry Kit
Whether you want to make one for yourself, unlock the Sylvia Plath lurking in your teenager, or put your kids in a genuinely funky Back to School mood, just be warned: ROCK POETRY IS ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE!!
Gigi’s Fun Reward Chart Boardgame!!
I love the way this communal game models teamwork, adaptability and problem solving. We modified our game as we went, really making it our own through trial, error, and consensus. Not only was it wildly successful in guiding their behaviour, but what a valuable experience in group project development!
Taking Spring Hostage
Oh, the roundabout ways of children, mice, pigs, and me. If you give a mouse a cookie. Or a moose a muffin. One thing leads to another....If you give Gigi a Kijiji she will end up with....a pretty sweet batch of plants and animals!