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Magic Spoonfuls Party

Build a Terrarium Birthday Party!


This is about the AWESOME Terrarium Party we did when our daughter turned 11……


Amidst all the other fun of girls just being girls,


this activity provided a very grounding time in the middle —

a perfect ‘centerpiece’ time to gather in the wild energy.


Here’s a quick recap and a few suggestions if you’re wanting to do something of this nature!

I would recommend a tall vessel so the kids get to experience lots of layering while still having a bit of air space leftover  up top.

Tall spaghetti containers or cookie jars with lids work well.



Use as many free natural materials as possible!  Foraging can be one of the funnest parts — a great activity for the birthday guests if you can do it somewhere near a forest!

Keep it cheap by reusing last year’s potting soil or digging up dirt from the woods, gravel or pebbles from outside — why not?!  Fish tank pebbles come in fun colours and provide a creative element too.

Adding seashells or fairy garden elements can be fun too.

Think of the whole thing as an experiment rather than a polished boutique item.  Will it grow?  Thrive?  Rot?  What happens if you add lichen, real moss, twigs, seeds?

You’ll probably need to hit a garden depot for a small succulent or tropical.  Both worked great for ours.

Some of ours thrived, with the lid on, without ANY watering, for YEARS.

How cool is that??!!

That’s the magic of a terrarium!

Party Snack Ideas….

Try making a fruiterraium jar of finely diced fruit salad layers…..


Or a  7 layer dip with tortilla chips……


or a snack-terrarium display of ‘trail-mixy’ snack foods (nuts, pretzels, shreddies)


or any other layer-your-own food in a jar to keep the kids going!


This party idea also makes a great homeschool project — inquire why the different layers are helpful and what other elements could be added…..


Have lots of fun with it!

For an even more detailed description of how we foraged for our ingredients, like shaving charcoal from burnt logs for the carbon layer,

you can read more about my terrarium obsession in my post

Taking Spring Captive

 taking spring captive



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