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I came to motherhood as awkwardly and miserably as a duck out of water.  I thought babies were similar to floor mops ~ just attach a handle to their bum and give the linoleum a swirl.  I had zero maternal instincts to go on, no parenting strategy of choice, and little joy for the job.  Until about 4 years in…..when I discovered the world of Waldorf.  There it was again ~ the Magic I knew as a child.  Somehow beholding little toys made of wool and wood transported me to that forgotten place.  I will never forget the day that broke the dykes.  At a Waldorf conference, listening to the renowned Joan Almon, I heard a message that gave me the all-out permission to parent from my deepest wellspring of magic.  I was unleashed.  And the 6 years that followed were a full-immersion wonderland for my 3 children!