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Experience and Education:

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Philosophy & Religious Studies, Concordia University, 4 years.

Foundation Studies, Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto, 4 years.

Waldorf Education Society of Edmonton: Director of School Growth and Development, 2 years.

Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton: Parent-Tot Teacher, 1 year.

Wonderforest Program: Founder, Teacher, Playworker, 4 years.

Messy Wednesday Program: Founder, Leader, 2 years.

Selected for the Next Up Leadership Program of Alberta, 1 year.

Higher Laws University Leadership Program, 3 years.

Toad Spool Press: Founder, Director, Editor, 2 years.

Riverbend Ragg Newspaper:  Columnist, 2 years.

Author: A Whole Other Magic, Being With Wonder, First Child of the Woods

One can trace the roots of my play advocacy and community organizing back to the very beginning.  You can feel that spirit blowing in the wind of my simple prairie childhood.  I grew up in rural Alberta, the eldest of four, and was thankfully left to wander the woods, tinker with odds and ends, read voraciously, and bond with my best friend Mr. Dressup.  I was forever writing and directing plays, leading my 20 cousins into adventure, scribbling stories under my daddy’s desk, and sinking into elaborate worlds of play.

As an 18 year old I went straight into 4th year Metaphysics and Comparative Literature classes at the University of Alberta and worked my way backwards from there, piecing together an honours degree out of whatever courses fascinated me.  As a 21 year old I was running workshops for grownups twice my age, taking them on journeys of self-discovery and creative awakening.  Helping adults reconnect with their inner wellspring of child-like joy has been at the centre of my work for 20 years!

When I was 23 years old I was the survivor of a near-death airplane crash.  A few months later I met the man I would marry.  Thomas was 25 years older than me but on our first date it was undeniable; we would be married within a few months.  I have often found life to be this way; a perfect, climactic chain of events much like the “physics of the quest” in Liz Gilbert’s novel Eat, Pray, Love.  

My last fourteen years of full-on motherhood, raising my four kiddos, has been a rich field of discovery and innovation, lit by the same relentless quest for ‘best practises’ and glory as everything else I’ve done.

I took early inspiration from Waldorf education and Simplicity Parenting, but as my own authentic child-heart ignited it became apparent that we were parenting by something quite like Magic!