written by Ginette Jobb
illustrated by Alisa Day Reeves

Beyond enchanting, exquisitely crafted, and illustrated to perfection, this lyric tale resonates with a poignant message: there is a Magic more precious than all fairy tale power combined — a Magic that the Fairy Godmother herself would do anything to unleash on the earth.

It’s a magnificent storyline — the great, one and only FGM goes and trades in her wings for this wonderfully rustic assortment of ‘other things’ (ingredients for her revolution!), then she gets down to business…..as the ultimate Playworker.

It’s not that the old gal’s gone AWOL at all…She’s been listening, as always, to the world’s silent call.

She hovers at the edge of the schoolyard and draws them into the woods with her sumptuous assortment of play opportunities…

This is a book that will lure child and adult alike into the pure pleasure of imaginative play. Gloriously detailed play scenes will captivate young eyes and imaginations. Parents will swoon with sentimental wonder.

Every ounce of passion has gone into making this book a timeless masterpiece.

A Whole Other Magic will debut in a grassroots Kickstarter campaign March, 2019. Don’t miss it!