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The Call of the Sea

Maybe because I spent the summer land-locked with a newborn baby and my 3 other kids,


I have become rather enamoured with images of the open sea.





Metaphorical ocean spray on my face….

The epitome of hakuna matata.  No worries.

It’s one of my definitions of Bliss.

Along with sibling harmony…….self-motivated children…….wellsprings of magic and wonder…..and the satisfaction that comes from brilliant mothering….

I’ve been thinking a lot about bliss…..because I have this strange belief that

Parents deserve to feel it.


As part of their parenting, not apart from their parenting (i.e. the bliss of escaping your children!)

I dare say most parents end up barely believing in this kind of bliss.

And no wonder.

Even when we do make it to the most beautiful ocean-wide, beachfront, poolside (whatever your fantasy), there’s such a niggle-load of minutiae clamouring — like wasps on meat — to steal our peace and harangue us right out of our sweet spot.

img_1937How about you?

Do you ever feel like Captain Jack Sparrow without his Pearl?

Like you’re not quite whole?

Languishing for the innermost joys that parenthood was supposed to offer?

Well, I’ve got an idea…


In fact, I’ve got a map.

And a radical suggestion!

I say Parents, what we need is a good thrust of Piracy.

To steal back the joy,

the fulfillment,

the wonder,

the gratification,

and sweetness of this strange mystery job

we are ‘hacking’ our way through.


What do you say?

Is it time for new horizons?

Time for treasure?

Time to swash-buckle up?!

Well here’s the plan!

Click below to begin your adventure aboard my FREE course (for a limited time only!)

And I will see you at sea!



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